Blake Remixed has developed an exciting education programme to help
introduce the poetry of William Blake in schools.

The workshops use spoken word and Hip-Hop as a dynamic way to explore poetry.
The workshops are led by the show’s central performer and creator Testament who has also facilitated schools work for over 10 years.
Our programme challenges preconceptions about poetry and Hip-Hop art forms, and allows participants to create their own response.

The Blake Remixed workshops link with the new English specification from 2015:

- Focus on 19th century poetry

- Focus on pupils appreciating the depth and power of the English literary heritage, and discussing and explaining the ideas that it brings up.

- Workshops can be tailored to both entire year groups and small classes and are suitable for pupils with low engagement.

Workshops include:

- A fun workshop day with Testament at your school introducing them to Blake’s poetry and working with pupils on their own ‘Blake Remixes’

- Engaging multimedia resources and planning for 4 sessions

- A final workshop with Testament where pupils perform their work in a Blake-themed poetry slam

Complementary DJ & Audio-visual Workshops with DJ Woody are also available.

To discuss workshops please contact